What are "Slash Topics"?

A Slash Topic is a commentary that can be located on the web with, usually, by remembering only a single word when the simple technique described below is used.

A Slash Topic is an easy way to communicate a commentary that interests you to a valued acquaintance who may have a concern.  Just say, or write, "Slash Billion"; then, follow the rules below.

Slash Topics, when used, imply that the user is an aware, concerned person; and, that the user cares about the recipient.

Slash Topics, as keywords, are easily remembered . . . and easy to pass along.   Use them in correspondence and conversation; jot them on notes and business cards.

Slash Topics are often starting points for energetic, informed dialog.

Slash Topics are not for the unconcerned or uncaring.

The simple rules for Slash Topics are listed below:

A Slash topic must be preceded by any of the following Domain Names (and, of course, a forward slash ( / ):

                   (any other common extension,
                   such as: .org, .net, .info, etc. will work)

or, most simply:






                   (other extensions are:
                   .info, ,biz, and .us, which will also work)




          etc., etc.

would all locate the Slash Topic: Billion.

Try it.  Click on the above World Wide Web (www.) address.

Additional Slash Topics are always being added.  Send suggestions or selections that you would like to have posted; participate in a rewarding pastime

If we, or others, offend, "slash" back with a Slash Topic.

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