Get a grip.  It's a movie, a story, not actual history , , , and certainly, not the depiction of an actual, anthropic god.

What is generally overlooked in the current, escalating passion over Mel Gibson's motion picture "The Passion of the Christ" is that there has never been any accepted scientific evidence that Christ has ever existed other than as a metaphoric amalgam that has been used to further, for the most part, nefarious agendas of many conspirators; willing and unwilling conspirators; but, all with little conscience and concern for the deceived

This myth still sets three major religions against one another in fanatical blood baths of the "innocent".

Certainly, had Christ existed, he was a man with an important message; and, not the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims; or, anyone else.

The Bible, which is an often cited source for the existence of Christ has been thoroughly discredited by most all recognized, academic, theological scholars.  The irony of the Bible's limited portrayal of Christ is that, by all biblical indications and conditions of the time . . . it would appear that Christ was a homosexual; his message was basically one of the strongest and earliest effeminate arguments for peace and the equality of all persons regardless of any differences; very unlike the prevalent, macho, "survival of the fittest."

Christ's message was purported to be such as: "Turn the other cheek..."; "The meek shall inherit the earth...; Unqualified forgiveness..."; and so on.  Christ, as biblically indicated, was certainly imperfect and ungodly in that he even failed to prove that he was not a god by planning and allowing his own death, which was intended to demonstrate, as he often pleaded, his ungod-like mortality.

Christ's message, if there was such, would appear to be that: He was as we; and that, we could live as he.

Should the Bible, probably, on many levels, the most evil compilation of persuasion that history has ever known, speak any truth at all . . . what unsurpassed, tragic irony that it portrays concerning the person fhat is now known as . . . Jesus Christ.