Intelligent Inquiry with an advocacy wherein the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights trumps all Scripture.

Liberal: an individual that argues for change;
Conservative: one who defends the status quo.

Liberalism, often, entails much intellectual effort and courage; while conservatism, often, is otherwise.

               You ask, "Who am I?"; "Why am I?"
                              Once your mind opens,
                                              it will find its way.


Selected FTL Ramblings:
that are Intended to set a tone for a forum of those that may have concerns that will ultimately have a positive affect upon the human condition.

(FTL an acronym for: Flame-throwing Liberal; From The Left).

Dubya's last stand; or, Where is Condoleezza?  Condoleezza was Dubya's closest confident, almost an alter ego, an inseparable shadow in the style of "Bebe" Rebozo; all while she headed the macho world of the NSC (National Security Council), which was charged with oversight of all government intelligence.  After being put in charge of Rumsfeld's Defense Department and the State Department's "normalization" of Iraq as the President's emissary, she is no longer heard from nor is she visible at the President's side.  She disappeared about the same time that the failures of State and Defense were being attributed to "intelligence misunderstandings" as supposedly interpreted by Dubya.  Has the cowboy, macho, presidency been emasculated by the effective removal of a woman?

The Carlyle Group    
Has The Carlyle Group; as often represented by James Baker, III and Daddy, and whose policies are adroitly administered by Cheney and Rumsfeld; determined all major United States government administrative policy?  Who is the real leader of the United States?; can it be the same person who reportedly sold America to Japan in the last puppet administration, that of Ronald Reagan?  What are the roles of Carlyle directors such as Frank Carlucci, Brent Scowcroft, John Majors, John Shalikashvili, et al, whose longtime associate/operatives Elliot Abrams, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz seem to be everywhere?

Does expensive oil, and what's good for  explain two Iraqi wars and more than a decade of embargos that caused the average Iraqi's outrage with Western arrogance and criminality.

Iraq undercuts the cost of oil    
Iraq was the major foreign source of California oil before Dubya's debacle; only months earlier, California gasoline was selling well below $0.90 per gallon at the pump . . . not good for Texas, Saudi Arabia, Halliburton, Bechtel, etc.  Saddam's sin was greed; he wanted to sell oil cheaply to undercut other producers and funnel the riches to Iraq . . . again, not good for Texas, et al.

Eisenhower had it right    
Have all the untoward occurrences of the last 40 plus years been little more than "Military/Industrial Complex payoffs"?  Does anyone with authority remember Eisenhower's last admonishment?

The Neo-conservativists symbol    
I want my flag back !!!  It belongs to every American . . . and many others, worldwide, who understand what it once symbolized.  It is NOT the personal property of the neocons, fundamentalists, or any other exclusive, conservative, po;itical, or "patriotic" group.  Hundreds of thousands have willingly died, with courageous faith, for the inclusive principles symbolized by the "Stars and Stripes"; to have it hijacked by those who are destroying its principles is the utmost travesty.

Mel Gibson's Passion    
What is generally overlooked in the current, escalating passion over Mel Gibson's motion picture "The Passion of the Christ" is that there has never been any accepted scientific evidence that Christ has ever existed other than as a metaphoric amalgam that has been used to further, for the most part, nefarious agendas of those with little conscience.  Certainly, had Christ existed, he was a man with an important message; and, not the God of the Jews, Christians, and Muslims; or, anyone else.  The Bible, which is an often cited source for the existence of Christ has been thoroughly discredited by most all recognized, academic, theological scholars.  The irony of the Bible's limited portrayal of Christ is that, by all biblical indications and conditions of the time . . . it would appear that Christ was a homosexual; his message was basically one of the strongest and earliest effeminate arguments for peace and the equality of all persons regardless of any differences; very unlike the prevalent, macho, "survival of the fittest."  Christ's message was purported to be such as: "Turn the other cheek..."; "The meek shall inherit the earth...; Unqualified forgiveness..."; and so on.  Christ, as biblically indicated, was certainly imperfect and ungodly in that he even failed to prove that he was not a god by planning and allowing his own death, which was intended to demonstrate, as he often pleaded, his ungod-like mortality.  Christ's message, if there was such, would appear to be that: He was as we; and that, we could live as he. 
Should the Bible, probably, on many levels, the most evil compilation of persuasion that history has ever known, speak any truth at all . . . what unsurpassed, tragic irony that it portrays concerning the person fhat is now known as . . . Jesus Christ.

The National Soul   
The soul of our nation, the United States of America, currently resides in three somewhat equal and distinct camps.  These camps are the Liberals, the Conservatives, and those citizens that don't understand.  Humanity is watching as the battle is joined.  Should there be an unfortunate turn of events, the results may be irrelevant.

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