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Patrick Fitzgibbons/
  and related
  Genealogy/Heritage, etc. 

"To live in hearts
we leave behind
is not to die."

Gravestone Inscriptions
Verena Isely Marty
[12-25-1861 to 8-26-1965]
Robert F. Marty (Sr.)
[4-27-1906 to 10-1-1970]
Helen Fleek Marty
[5-5-1905 to 4-1-1981]

There is something momentious in this shifting of the generations - more than I would have thought.
               -Margaret Irwin, May 11, 2003
                           reflecting upon the death of her mother
                           Lena Marty Ehrensperger [1907- 2003]

There are lots of signs of a good...(person).  What is in the parents is in the children and what is in the children is in the parents.
               -Will Isely [1881- 1962]
                           "The Life of William Isely", printed August, 1961

     We keep...all the people that we need.  We hold them sacred, safe in memory, reincarnated by our stories, long after they leave the earth.
     They continue to inform our lives, to love and be loved, to teach and instruct, to nag and correct, to tell us the things we need to hear - whether we care to hear them or not.
               -Sharon Randall, Redding Record Searchlight, October 3, 2003

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The intent of this site is not so much that of a strict genealogy; but, more to keep track of: Who is who?; Where are they, or Where were they?; What are they doing, or What have they been doing?; and, a few photos and anecdotes that, hopefully, will bring the names alive, create some interest in the past . . . and present; assist with new and old contacts; and, not the least, tweak some thoughtful, nostalgic memories that have been long forgotten or where there were none.

This site is being released in its initial development and intelligence gathering; please have patience for obvious reasons . . . and contribute.  After the skeletal structure is completed, effort will be made to increase the loading speed.  With luck broadband will soon alleviate the problem for many.  Fast loading CDs and DVDs of this site are also available upon request.  Also, see: browser Information:

For those persons that are included, or should be included, herein:  these website pages are yours; you are enthusiastically encouraged to edit the site and submit anecdotes, comments, histories, obituaries, photos, etc.  Please assist in bringing life and interest to the data.

If reported, broken links and errors will be quickly corrected.  All suggestions and nagging will be considered and tolerated.

Requests, photos, postings, corrections, and comments should be sent to: Webmaster@RFamilyData.info.

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SURNAMES, included within the RFamilyData.info website are:

Aarts, Abraham, Adams (Bonnie), Adams (Garnet), Adams (James), Adams (Martha), Adamson; Aebi, Affeleb, Agerter, Albert, Albrecht, Albreckt, Alexander (Dorothy), Alexander (Raymond), Alder, Allen (Donald), Allen (Jennie), Allison, Allsupp, Almina, Altdoerffer, Ammon, Anderson (Gene), Anderson (James), Anderson (Jerry), Anderson (Jon), Anderson (Letitia), Anderson (Sandra), Andrews, Aquino, Armentrout, Arn, Augsburger, Austin, Awl, Babb, Babcock, Babler, Bacher, Bacon, Baerwolf, Bahnwart, Bailey, Baker (Elvira), Baker (Frank), Baker (Tina), Balin, Ball (Nathan), Ball (Katherine), Banet, Banker, Banwart, Barber, Barker, Barmore, Barrett, Barrick, Bartels, Bartruff, Bauder (Ida), Bauder (Louisa), Bauman (John), Bauman (Vada), Bauman (Walter), Baumgartner (Adolf), Baumgartner (Herbert), Baumgartner (Louisa), Bausman, Baxter (Gus), Nancy (Baxter), Beattie, Bebo, Becker, Beckman, Bend, Benkert (Glen), Benkert (Peggy), Benkert (Sophia), Bennett, Bentley, Bergstrom, Berkenkamp, Bermanek, Bernard, Berryman, Bettis (Malinda), Bettis (Mary), Bevan, Bidlingmaier, Bieneman, Bieri, Birmingham, Black, Blackbourn, Blackwell, Blank, Blanton, Blaser, Bleiler, Block, Blum (Donna), Blum (Dorothy), Blume, Blumer (John), Blumer (Marian), Blythe, Boehringer, Boelz, Boley, Boleyn (Iva), Boleyn (Leo), Bonnell, Boord, Boss, Boss (Andrea), Boss (Ella), Boss (Louise), Bostian, Botzett, Bouder, Bowen (Grace), Bowen (Lotta), Bowlin (Narah), Bowlin (William), Boyer (Melvin)Boyer Vern), Boyette (Melvin), Boyette (Robert), Brace, Brackin, Bradley, Brady (Hannah), Brady (Kathleen), Braithwaite, Brannen, Brennecke, Bridge, Briggs, Britton, Brogan (Griffith), Brogan (Thomas), Bronchien, Bronk, Brooker, Brown (??), Brown (??), Brown (Bonnie), Brown (Helen), Brown (Opal), Brunardot, Bruni, Brunkow, Buchicchio, Buck (Joe), Buck (Mary), Buckelmiller, Buckley, Buddy, Bueller, BŁenker, Bultman, Bunting, Burger, Burke, Burkhalter, Bussey, Butler (Philip), Butler (Sandra), Buttkol, Byrd, Bywaters, Calatayud, Calbert, Calco, Calderelli, Camp, Campbell (Francis), Campbell (Mannie), Cann, Carlin, Carlson (Charles), Carlson (Shirley), Carr, Carson, Carter (Hugh). Carter (Jimmy), Case (Clara), Case (Douglas), Cazel, Chamberlain, Chambers, Champion, Chatskaia, Chilcoat, Church, Cimino, Clare, Clark (David), Clark (Harry), Clarke, Clary, Cleland, Clinton, Cockroft, Cofer, Coffman, Coggeshall, Collette, Coleman, Comeford, Compos, Confer, Conner, Connolly, Considine, Converse, Cook (Janet), Cook (Laura), Cooper, Coplien, Coulthard, Countryman, Cover, Cowles, Coyle, Craig, Crain, Cramer (Charles), Cramer (Leslie), Crank, Creigh, Crerar, Cress, Crossfield, Culbertson, Cullen, Culp, Daily, Dalzel, Daniel, Davis, Dawley, Dayhuff, DeBoos, Dedo, Deede, DeGueare, Dellwo, Demith, DeMoss, Denning, Dennler, Dennis (Al.), Dennis (Huston), Deprey, Derr, De Smet, Dettman, Dewyear, Dick, Dietrich, Dietz, Diggs, Dinatale, Dinges, Disch, Dodge, Donner, Dougherty, Drake (Harriet), Drake (Minna or Winna), Dressler, Drum, Drye, DuDonne, Dumas, Duncan, Dunger, Dunster, Durcher (George), Durcher (John), Durscher, Durst, Durtschi (Fred), Durtschi (Thomas), Eachus, Earle, Eckhart, Edge, Egger, Eglie, Ehrensperger, Einbeck, Elefs, Elkington, Ellingen, Elliott, Ellis, Elmer (Emil), Elmer (Euphania), Engberg, Engbrecht, Engel, Englert (Craig), Englert (Frances), Enzinger, Erb, Erhardt, Esely, Everson, Ewing, Eyster, Falkenberg, Falkner, Farber, Farmer, Fayerweather (Marlin), Fayerweather (Vera), Feldt, Fellman, Fensterer, Ferguson, Ferrari, Fessler, Fiene, Finley, Fischer, Fisher, Fitzgibbon, Fitzgibbons, FitzGibbon, Fitz-Gibbon, Flarity, Fleek, Fleming, Flood, Flynn, Ford, Forster, Fox, Franzen, Frautschi, Frautschy (John), Frautschy (Justin), Frazer, Frederick, Freed, Freiburghaus, Frey, Frieden, Friederick, Frielingsdorf, Fritch, Fuentes, Funk, Furniss, Furrer, GagnonGannon, Gantenbein, Ganther, Gapen, Gardiner, Garner, Garrigus, Gaston, Gaw, Gayer (Louisa), Gayer (Rika), Gehring, Gehrke, Gemaehlich, Gempeler (Edward), Gempeler (Jacob), Gempeler (Margaret), Gempeler (Mary), George, Gerber, Germann (Albert), Germann (Louise), Gertson, Gfeller, Ghormley, Gibbs (Doris), Gibbs (Patrick), Gill, Gilliland, Gilseth, Gisleson, Glaus, Glenn, Glennon, Glover, Gnagi, Gobrecht, Godshall, Goebel, Goecks, Goett, Goetz, Golay, Goolsky, Gosdin, Gower, Grabber, Grady, Graesch, Graham, Graw, Green, Greene, Grenzow (George), Grenzow (William), Gressley, Grignano, Grim, Grimes, Groner, Groom, Gross (John), Gross (Mabel), Gross (Mary), Grossen, Grover, Gruver, Gullet, Gurgle, Guthrie (Arwilda), Guthrie (George), Guthrie (Joseph), Guy, Haack, Habeger, Haehl, Hager, Hales, Halterman, Haman, Hamann, Hamilton, Hammerton, Hamner, Hamre, Hanke, Hannegan, Hannes, Hannum (Hannah), Hannum (Hopkins), Hanson, Hardeman, Haring, Harker, Harlan (Joel), Harlan (John), Harliss, Harrington, Harris (Charles), Harris (Pamela), Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartman, Hartwig (Edna), Hartwig (Emma), Hartwig (Frank), Hartwig (Will), Harvey, Hasheider, Hastings (James), Hastings (Patricia), Hatcher, Hauser, Hawk, Hawthorne (Ethel), Hawthorne (Nellie), Hay, Haydon, Hayes, Heck, Heckatheir, Hefty (Leona), Hefty (Werner), Heidbrink, Heilmann, Heimann, Heinzelmann, Heisler, Helffrich, Helmers, Helms, Hempel, Hendrix, Henning, Henninger, Henrickson, Henry, Hensley, Hepp, Herbert, Hernandez-Mann, Hermann, Hershfield, Heuer, Hickey, Hilliard, Hillebrand, Hintzman, Hite, Hoehn, Hoesly, Hofer, Hogge, Hogue, Hoiles, Holcomb (Clarence), Holcomb (Shirley), Holcombe, Holden, Hollibush, Hollingsworth, Holt, Holtsom, Holtz, Holtzman, Holvey, Hoopes, Hoover, Hopewell, Hopkins, Horne, Horton, Hoskins, Hostettler, Hotine, Houston, Howe, Hudson, Huengordt, Hughes, Hulverson, Hunter, Huntley, Hust, Huston, Hyma, Indergand, Irwin, Isaacs, Iseli (Hans, Iseli (Johannes), Iseli (Nieland), Iseli (Samuel), Isely, Isely (Wilhelm), Iseno, Islie, Jackson, Jacob (Alfred), Jacob (Dianah), Jaehde, Jankovic, Janes, Jarchow, Jaure, Jeffery, Jeglum, Jehlin, Jelle, Jenson, Jeppesen, Jergens, Jogerst, John, Johnson (Abigail), Johnson (??), Johnson (Anton), Johnson (Arthur), Johnson (Catherine), Johnson (Clifford), Johnson (Goldie), Johnson (Herbert), Johnson (Jane Elizabeth), Johnson (Lillian), Johnson (Lucille), Johnson (Mary), Johnson (Muriel), Johnson (Raymond), Johnson (Walter), Jones (Charles), Jones (Hugh), Jones (Katie), Jones (William), Jost, Judd, Kamerling, Kampfer, Karlen (C.W.), Karlen (Wilhelmina), Karnatz, Karrer, Kawatski, Kazel, Kazmierski, Keating (Harold), Keating (John), Keener, Keith, Kelly (Marie), Kelly (Marietta), Kelley, Kemper, Kemph, Kenkel, Kennel, Kent, Kernen, Kessler (Ida), Kessler (Rev.), Kibler, Kilkelley, King, Kinney, Klassy, Kleckner, Klossner (David), Klossner (John), Knapp, Knight, Knoebel, Knoll, Knott, Kocher, Kohl, Kohler, Komprood, Kossman, Kramer, Kropp, Kruger, Kubly/Kubby (Henry), Kubly (John), Kubly (Ralph), Kuelling, Kundert, Laffargue, Lalk, Lamb, Lambrecht, Lamereaux (Clara), Lamereaux (Cora), Land, Lang, Larmon, LaRowe, Laubaugh (Agnes), Laubaugh (Stella), Lauch, Lean, Lee, Leibundgut, Leiser, Leister, Leithold, Lenagher, Lenius, Levey, Lewis, Lichtenwalner, Liddicoat, Lindbo, Linder, Lindroth, Lingle, Linsdell, Linsin, Lischeske, Litscher, Loeffler, Loertscher, Loftus, Long (Caroline), Long (Winona), Longinotti, Lowrie, Lovejoy, Loveland, Lucas, Luchsinger, Luenberger, Lumsden, Lund, Lundell, Lunt, Luther, Luthi, Lutzelmann, Lux, Lynch, MacLennan, Maher, Mahon, Mani (Magdalena), Mani (Suzanna), Mann, (Ardť), Mann (Mary), Mannik, Marconi, Marshall, Marti (??), Marti (Elizabeth), Marti (Hans), Martin (Joseph), Martin (Kathleen), Marty (Carl), Marty (Charles), Marty (Dietrich), Mason (Cecil), Mason (George), Mason (Roberta), Mathis, Mathison, Matthes, Matthews, Matzke, Mau, Maurer (Laura}, Maurer (Robert), Maxwell, McClintock, McClung, McCold, McCombs, McCrystal, McDonald (Alice), McDonald (James), McElheny, McFarland, McGeagie, McGinn, McGinnis, McGlashan, McGowan, McHoes, McKeehan, McKenna, McKinney, McLimans, McLure, McNabb, McNaughton, McNutt, McPherson, Meadows, Meats, Mercer, Meredith, Merritt, Messerli, Messing, Messler, Metcalf, Meyer (Albert), Meyer (George), Meyer (Herbert), Meyer (John), Meyers, Meythaler, Micener, Miller (Benedict), Miller (Carol), Miller (Christian), Miller (Clara), Miller (Edith), Miller (John), Miller (Lonnie), Miller (Margie), Miller (Mary Brogan), Miller (Mary Karrer), Miller (Rudolf), Miller (Saphrona), Miller (Veronica), Mink (Nancy), Mink (William), Mitchell (E.L.), Mitchell (Florence), Mitchell (Mary), Monson, Moon, Moore (Josephine), Moore (Kathy), Moore (Mary), Moritz (Delbert), Moritz (Ernest), Mork, Morton, Mosby, Moser, Mountain, Moxon, Muehlenthaler (Marie), Muehlenthaler (Mary (I)), Muehlenthaler (Mary (II)), Mueller, Muir, Munro, Mussman, Muth (Albert), Muth (Ordina), Myles, Naggi, Nagel, Nedring, Neely, Neidermeier, Neiss, Neuhaus (Anne), Neuhaus (Magdalena, Neumann, Newcomer, Newman, Newmann, Nichols, Nicholsen, Nickel, Nieschi, Nixson, Noller, Nordyke, Norian, Norman, Nystrom (Bernice), Nystrom (Lawrence), O'Brien, Offel, Ogg, Olson (Donald), Olson (Gladys), Olson (L.K.), Olson (Speed), Omstacher, Oppliger, Ordnug, Orr (Elizabeth), Orr (Janet), Orr (Martha), Orton, Ory, Ossman, Ott (Lillian), Ott (Marie), Paffel, Paige, Panos, Pape, Parker, Patterson (Denise), Patterson (Martha), Patton, Payton, Peet, Penniston, Pensfold, Permer, Perry, Peters, Peterson (Flora), Peterson (Melvin), Petit, Pfeiffer, Pfingsten, Phillippe (Clarence), Phillippe (Glenn), Phillips (Albert), Phillips (Emma), Phillips (Jarrold), Pim, Plautz, Plunkett, Poe, Pottorf, Powell, Pratt, Prentice, Preston, Pusey, Putnam, Pyke, Quigley, Quill, Quinn, Quinones (Evangeline), Quinones (Evelyn), Ramos-Hernandez, Raney, Rapalje, Rappuhn, Rasmussen, Ray, Readeker, Reames, Reasa, Redette, Reece, Reeder, Reese, Reinchen, Reinders, Reinhardt, Reis, Renlund, Rennhard, Reppert, Rhymer, Rice, Richardson (Eleanor), Richardson (Stephen), Rickleff, Riehm, Riese, Rieke, Rinker, Rippey, Ritschard (Emil), Ritschard (Fred), Rizk, Roberts, Robinson, Rocker, Rodebaugh, Rodefer, Roden, Rodenbeck, Roemer, Roeseler, Rohbough, Rost, Rosa, Roseboom, Ross, Roth (Bonnie), Roth (Harry), Roubik, Rufenacht, Rufer, Ruff, Rupp, Rusling, Rust, Rutch, Rutherford, Rutledge, Salzwedel, Sampson, Samson, Sanders, Sanor, Santor, Saunders, Saxon, Scace, Scanlan, Schaer, Schar, Scheider, Schelba, Schild, Schirato, Schleisner, Schleuter, Schmid, Schmidt (John), Schmidt (Walter), Schmidt (Warren), Schmitz (Patrick), Schmitz (Ruth), Schneider (Anna Maria), Schneider (Carol), Schopf, Schopfer, Schopp, Schori, SchreiberSchroder, Schroeder, Schuldt (Adeline), Schuldt (Amanda), Schulte, Schultz (Brian), Schultz (Mike), Schultz (Vernon)Schulz, Schumacker, Schumaker, Schwab, Schweizer, Scott, Sedivy, Seiger, Senn, SentySerck (Caroline), Serck (Ella), Serck (Josephine), Serck (Will), Serio, Severson, Shabaan, Shaw, Shields, Shigley, Shiveley, Showalter, Shults, Similo, Simmons, Simonson (Edna), Simonson (Evelyn), Sisten, Sjunneson, Slack, Smith (Ann), Smith (Eliza), Smith (Gertie), Smith (Guernsey), Smith (Jack), Smith (Linnie), Smith (Olive), Smith (Phillip), Smith (Rachel), Smith (William), Smith (Zoellen), Snively (Jean), Snively (Pious), Snook, Sollers, Soma, Speicker, Spielman, Spies, Staedtler, Stahl, Stampfil, Standley, Stanley, Starcher, Stauffacher (Edna), Stauffacher (Elizabeth), Stauffacher (Herbert), Stearns, Steele, Steeves, Steiner, Steininger, Stearns, Sterns, Sterud, Stever, Steussy, Stevenson, Stewart, Stieve, Stockton, Story, Straley, Strang, Strasser, Stratton (George), Stratton (Jonathan), Streit, Strickling, Striek, Stuart, Stuckey, Stussi, Stussy, Sullivan, Suter, Swartz, Swearingen, Sweetman, Swi..\isely-w\ft.htmggum, Tadych, Tank, Tarnish, Taylor (Alban), Taylor (Carol), Taylor (Edwin), Taylor (Frank), Taylor (Laura), Taylor (Mary), Taylor (Paula), Taylor (Plummer), Teichrobe, Tempel, Tesauro, Thatcher, Thiel, Thies, Thoman, Thomas (Bertha), Thomas (David), Thomas (Howard), Thompson, Thorne, Thorp, Thorson, Tiffany, Tillet, Timberlake, Tobey, Toft (Emma), Toft (Josephine), Toft (Stena), Tombaugh, Tone, Topp, Torkelson, Trachsel, Treadwell, Treloar, Treasure, Tripplet, Truchinski, Trumpy (Fred), Trumpy (Magdalena), Trumpy (Marcia), Tschabold, Tschudy, Tucker, Tunnicliffe, Turner, Turnipseed, Ueligger, UnderwoodUnger, Updegraff, Urmie, Valentine, Vander Poel, Vander Stouwe, VandevereVan Driel, Van Dyck, Van Dyke, Vanston, Van Vleet, Vaughn, Vaus, Veatch, Veit, Veneziano, Vennemann, Viers, Vincent, Voegeli (Helen), Voegeli (Josephine), Vogel, Volin, Vorpahl, Waage, Wachtel, Wafler (Jacob), Waeffler (Jacob), Walcott, Walker (Emma), Walker (Robert), Walker (William), Wallace, Walter, WaltersWaltersdorf, Ward, Ware, Waxdahl, Weatherly, Weaver, Webb, Weber (Emma), Weber (Fred), Webster, Wedo, Weeks, Wegner, Weigel, Weisie, Weiss (Carl), Weiss (Louis), Wells, Wellenius, Wellman, Wenger (Alfred), Wenger (Edward), Wenger (J. C.), Wenger (Martin), Wenger (Sam), Wenger (William), Werth, Westgard, Westre, Wettengel, Whisler, Wilkerson, Whitacre (Angeline), Whitacre (Harry), Whitacre (Joseph), Whitacre (Mamie), Whitacre (Martin), White (Alta), White (Geoff), White (Leon), White (Martha), White (Myrtle), White (Sybil), Whitherspoon, Wickersham, Wicks, Widell, Widdoes, Wild (Dallas), Wild (Elver R.), Wild (Gregory), Wiley, Will, Williams (Byron), Williams (Elie), Wilson (Carolyn), Wilson (John), Wilton, Winder, WinterfieldWinton, Winzerid, Wirth, Wise, Witt, Wittwer (Albert), Wittwer (Godfrey), Wittwer (Gottfred), Wittwer (Samuel), Wolf, Wolthausen, Wood, Woods (Bernice), Woods (Martha), Woodward, Wooldridge, Wooley (Edwin), Wooley (George), Worrel, Worst, Wosick, Wright, Wuetrich (Eliza), Wuetrich (Sophia), Yeagley, Yost, Young, Yunker (Alexander), Yunker (Clara), Zangger (Elsbeth: Iseli tree), Zangger (Elsbeth: Marty tree), Zaugg, Zeller, Zettle, Zimmerman, Zink, Zinnert, Zuhlke, Zumkehr (Arnold), Zumkehr (Marie), Zumstein, Zwickey.

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