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Carl Otto Marty (Jr.)
[4-3-1899  Brodhead, Wisconsin; 7-2-1979 Three Lakes, Wisconsin]

    Carl Marty (Sr.)
    Verena "Fannie" Isely Jones Marty
Family with
    Margaret "Marge" Dietz Marty doa 12-9-20 to died 11-6-56
        Carl Michael "Mike" Marty

Second Marriage
    Loretta Sullivan "Sully" Marty doa ???
Operated and sold Lakeshire Marty Swiss Cheese business
    Built Show Boat  
    Built Northernaire Hotel & Spa
        Fred "Cy" Williams, Architect & Builder
    Northernaire's Marty Show Boat 9-Hole Golf Course
    Active with Many Animal Rights Programs



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