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Northernaire 2017

Northernaire 3,000 Acre Estate
Hwy 32, Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Northernaire Estate, portion of
(circa late '40s)
Lower Left

Northernaire Hotel on Deer Lake
Across Highway 32
Marty's Show Boat on Big Stone Lake
Above Showboat Across the Road

Showboat 9-Hole "Sporty" Golf Course
Upper Right
Denby Island between Laurel Lake and
Medicine Lake (top right)
Upper Left
Spirit Lake

Northernaire Estate, portion of, (circa late '40s)
Lower Left

Northernaire Hotel on Deer Lake
See Caption of Above Photo



Northernaire Resort and Spa on Deer Lake
(postcard 1948)

Marty's Show Boat on Big Stone Lake
(circa late '40s)

Marty's Show Boat on Big Stone Lake
(circa late '40s)

Marty's Show Boat and Golf Course (circa late '40s)

Marty's Show Boat
Front Entrance in Rear of Photo
Tables on the Dance Floor/Entertainment Area

Marty's Show Boat
From Front Entrance Looking toward
Swim Area and Boat Pier on Big Stone Lake

Carl Marty (Jr.), the host, (back center in front of drape)
Carl Marty (Sr.) (black suit to Carl (Jr.)'s right)
Verena Marty (right of Carl (Sr.))
Marge Marty (to Carl's left)
Northernaire Dining Room, Three Lakes, Wisconsin
80th Birthday Party: Carl Marty (Sr.)

April 1953

Walter Schmidt (Sr.), Gottlieb Marty, Carl Marty (Sr.)
young Marty girl??? w/doll, Elsa Schmidt
Northernaire Lobby, Three Lakes, Wisconsin
80th Birthday Party: Carl Marty (Sr.)
April 1953

Deer Wood Lodge (Stone Lodge)
Carl Marty (Sr.)
and Verena Marty Vacation Lodge
After 1945 Northernaire Employee Housing
Deer Lake (to the right), Three Lakes, Wisconsin

Big Stone Lake - Deer Lake Bridge
between the future sites of Marty's Show Boat and the Northernaire
From the west shore at the north end of Deer Lake

(circa  1920)

Lake Terrace Estates (Promotional  Flyer)
Northernaire Development

6730 Lake Terrace Estates, Three Lakes, WI 54562

6704 Lake Terrace Estates, Three Lakes, WI_54562



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