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Carl Marty (Sr.)
[4-3-1873 Gachnang, Canton Thurgau, Switzerland;
                                                       1-24-1960 Monroe, Wisconsin]

    Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin

    Johan Jacob "Jacob" Marty (Sr.)
    (Anna) Kathrina "Katherine"/"Kathryn" Burkhalter Marty
Family with
    Verena "Fannie" Isely Jones Marty doa 12-16-1897 Monroe, Wisconsin
        Earl Marty 1898 to 1898 (possibly one of twins who died at birth)
        Carl Otto Marty (Jr.) 4-3-1899 to 7-2-79
Walter L. Marty  9-30-01 to 7-17-17
        Katherine "Kay" Verena Marty 11-30-03 to 2-16-95
        Robert "Bob" Frederick Marty (Sr.) 4-27-06 to 10-1-70
Step children from prior marriage of Verena and Charles Jones
        Grace Ida E. Jones  [7-19-1888 to 9-6-1976]

        Elizabeth "Bess"/"Bessie" Jones  [9-17-1890 to 5-17-1977]
        Edna Lucile Jones  [10-31-92 to 3-14-1988]
"...Carl Marty, Sr., (was) another leading figure in early cheese history...    His parents were Jacob and Anna Kathrina Burkhalter Marty.

The father and an older brother, Jacob, Jr., came to this country in 1883 and made Swiss cheese in various areas before coming to Green County in 1885.  Fred Marty (a brother) and several other members of the family arrived from Switzerland in 1886 and the following year, Carl and the remainder of the children came here.

...(Fred) Marty resigned from the state (dairy inspection) service in 1912 to join his brother Carl, who was operating a large cheese business in Chicago.  For a time, Fred Marty managed the firm's branch in Argyle. ..."

See: Fred Marty's Obituary in the "The Monroe Evening Times"

        Founded: Lakeshire-Marty Company, maker of Swiss cheese
        Water colors and oils: Paintings have been reproduced commercially
               and hang in many public places
        German and English
        Stamps, Coins, and many other valuable collectibles
    Of interest:
        Both Carl Marty (Sr.) and his wife Verena had grandmothers
              with the surname Mathis; respectively, Elisabeth and Verena Mathis.
        Both Carl Marty (Sr.) and his son, Carl O. Marty (Jr.), were born on the
              same day, 26 years apart, April 3, 1873 and 1899, respectively.



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