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Johan Jacob "Jacob" Marty (Sr.)
[8-29-1842 Switzerland; 1-24-1922 Monroe, Wisconsin]

2, 3. 5
    Niclaus Marty
    Anna Maria Schneider Marty
Family with
    (Anna) Kathrina "Katherine" Burkhalter Marty doa ??? Switzerland
        Marie "Mary" Marty
[1862 to 1947] 85
        Rosa "Rose"/"Rosie" Marty
[9-16-1863 to 1927] 64
        Jacob "Jake" Marty (Jr.)
[1-13-1865 to 1946] 81
        Gottlieb Marty [10-23-1867 to 1957] 90
        Emma Marty [July 1869 to 1927] 58
        Ernst Marty (I) [10-20-1871 to 6-21-1879] drowned before 8
        Carl Marty
[4-3-1873 to 1-24-60] 87
        (Infant son) [born and died January 1875]
        Frieda Marty [4-28 or 5-30-1876 to 1960] 84
        Fred "Fritz" Marty [11-28 or 11-17-1877 to 7-9-1954] 77
        Ernst Marty (II) [7-6-1879 to 1893] 14
Anna Katherine "Katie" Marty [6-10-1881 to 1961] 80
        Elizabeth "Elsie"/"Elsa"/"Eliza" Marty [7-18-1883 to 1969] 86
"...  Jacob Marty was one of the founders of the "Schweizerische Milchzeitung" in Schaffhausen, a dairy-journal, which to-day after some 60 years is still the leading organ in its line in Switzerland.

In 1883 he emigrated to America and made Swiss cheese in Tuscarawass County, Ohio, until 1885, when he pushed on to the then awakening Swiss cheese land of Green County in Wisconsin.  He worked at his trade until old age compelled his retirement and he died in Monroe, Wisconsin when he was 81 years old.

His large family followed him to America in two sections..."

See: Carl Marty (Sr.)'s "History of the Marty's"

"...(Jacob Marty) and an older brother, Jacob, Jr., came to this country in 1883 and made Swiss cheese in various areas before coming to Green County in 1885.  Fred Marty and several other members of the family arrived from Switzerland in 1886 and the following year, Carl and the remainder of the children came here. ..."

See: Fred Marty's Obituary

2, 3. 5



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