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Fred "Fritz" W. Marty
[11-28 or 11-17-1877 Thayngen, Canton Schaffhausen, Switzerland;
                                                              7-9-1954 Monroe, Wisconsin]

Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin


    Johan Jacob "Jacob" Marty (Sr.)
    (Anna) Kathrina "Katherine"/"Kathryn" Burkhalter Marty
    Elizabeth "Libby" Stauffacher Marty doa 6-6-1905 Monroe, Wisconsin
    Cheese Making Instructor:
University of Wisconsin
    Dairy Inspector
"... Two of the (Carl Marty (Sr.)) brothers, Gottlieb and Fred, were instructors for cheese-making at the dairy school of the university of Wisconsin for many years, the latter still being active in state service as inspector of grades.  Fred is the instignator (sic.) of using the seperator (sic.) to clarify the milk and to skim the whey, which proved a tremendous saving to the Swiss cheese industry.  Both figured at noumerous (sic.) times as cheese judges at national and state dairy expositions.  ..."

See: Carl Marty (Sr.)'s "History of the Marty's"




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