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Paul Fitz-Gibbon (Jr.)   

[3-24-33  Cleveland, Ohio

    Paul Fitz-Gibbon (Sr.)
    Katherine "Kay" Verena Marty Fitz-Gibbon
Family with
    Carolyn Ann Fuentes Fitz-Gibbon 
doa 4-1-56, Reno, Nevada to 1-29-69, Pomona, California
        Paul Fitz-Gibbon III
        Ian Scott Fitz-Gibbon 10-24-64
Associates/Partners and their children
    Angela Antonio "Toni" Webb Clarke, M.D. doa 1-1-70 
        Wuan Clarke
        Indranee K. Clarke
        Tarita K. Clarke
    Kay Frances Marshall Maxwell doa 10-71 
        Bodie Maxwell
        David Maxwell
    Pamela "Pam" Harris Norman Fitz-Gibbon doa 6-15-73 to 3-29-76
        Tamara "Tammy" Lee Norman 

    Bonnie Lu Brown doa 4-76 to 5-79 
        Deborah "Debbie" Brown
        Darin Brown
    Jennifer Stahl  doa 2-15-99 to 7-15-05
        Madison Rodenbeck-Stahl  7-23-96    

    Rancho Santa Margarita, California  92688-1933
    (949) 713-2943;  T-Mobile (949) 375-5045;  Skype: Brunardot
E-mail Addresses
 and: others
Websites and Domain Names

    www.RSeasons.com and related Geneology websites
        and: more than 400 others
Bio, chronologically, 1948 through 2016
    Cypress Gardens (Chicago Railroad Fair)
            Water Skier
    Lakewood (Ohio) High School
            Graduating Class Speaker; Leadership, and Scholastic Awards
            Resigned Senior Class President as a requirement to run for Student Council President
            Football: 1950 Undefeated, claimed Ohio State Championship
            Track: 4th Place, Indoor Mile, All-Cleveland Indoor Meet, Soph Yr.;
                         First Miler, Jr. & Sr. Yr.; (2 Years Lake Erie League Champions
Wrestling: 155lb Sr. Yr. Intramural Champion
             Ping-Pong: Runner-up Sr. Yr. to Champion (brother Bill)

    Erie Railroad, 1951
            IBM Tabulator/Sorter Operator; Asst. and Night Mgr. Car Accounting Dept.
    Allied Purchasing Associates, owner
            Manufacturers' Representative & Commercial Purchasing
    Cornell University 1951-1955
              Mechanical Engineering; Industrial & Labor Relations; NROTC
              Studied: Naval Intelligence, Theoretical Physics, Political Science, Architecture, etc.
            Big Red freshman: Football, Lacrosse
               Intramural Cross Country, 1st Place
               Intramural Capt. Football: Campus Champions
BQP  Beta Theta Pi "Beta"    "Castle on the Hill"
                Sophmore year: House Manager and Pledge Master
               April 1955: Philip Morrison arranged meeting with Albert Einstein.

    Wadsworth (Ohio) Millwork Corporation 1952-55
            Territory (Pre-fab housing fenestration) Salesman, New York State
    Maxwell Girls Finishing School, Ithaca, New York 1953
            Mathematics, Sailing, and Tennis Instructor
    Northernaire Resort Hotel and Spa, Three Lakes, Wisconsin 1955-6
            Night manager, accountant, pro-tem snow ski instructor

    Southern Pacific Railroad 1956
            Brakeman: Santa Barbara/Yuma Division
    Military Service 1952-8
        USS New Jersey (Battleship USS 62, 16" Gun, Breech Primer;
            5" Gun, Radar Control Operator GFCS) Europe and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
        Korea: Sr. Accountant: U.S. Army, Command Locker Fund,
                  24th Infantry & 1st Calvary Divisions, HQ Company,
                  (near the DMZ, north of Munsan-ni, which is north of Seoul.) 
            Co-captain U.S.A. Army Olympic Greco-Roman wrestling team.

    Residential Construction & Management 1958-63
      Pioneered many early innovations in low-cost housing construction
         Guaranteed Homes, 1958-9, Los Angeles, CA: Sales Manager
         Shorewood Builders, Inc.,1960-2 Owner
         Management Control, Inc. (Standard-Pacific Homes; 1961, 20% Owner; now
             CalAtlantic Homes, (2016 National Builder of the Year);
         Design for Living Homes, 1961-2 Owner
         Built Experimental Home, 18851 Hicrest Avenue, Glendora, CA, 1964-5
Inventory Control 1965-68
Washington Inventory Services, Crew Manager, CA to TX
    M.Ed. CSLA, 1968
     Escrow Management, Los Angeles County, 1969-83
         Allstate Title Company: Development Manager, Branch Escrow Division
            Pioneered California branch title company escrow offices
         Marford Escrow Corporation, Branch Owner

         Stonewood Escrow Corporation, Owner
            Pioneered, with Union Bank, computerized escrow procedures and
             accounting with first word-processors (1977, IBM System 6)
Photo Typesetting & Graphic Design
    Escrow Computer Information Development
         Union Bank, CA with IBM Systems 32 and 6, 1979 and Pick OS
    Theoretical Physics,
Pulsoid Theory; revised Fibonacci Sequence;
          Brunardot Theorem, Science, Theology, and Philosophy, etc.
    Dolphin Business Systems Computerized Business Systems
         Sky Park, Irvine, California; Owner
    Automated Data Associates;
Delaware Public Company
         Rahway, New Jersey; CEO & primary stockholder, 1983-85

CFO / Controller / Internal Auditor / Triage /
          Forensic / Depreciation / Cash Flow
              Stadium Motorsports Corporation (Supercross);
              Mickey Thompson Entertainment Group (MTEG)

              TRW, Space & Defense; Geneva Group, Irvine;
              Nissan Motors, USA; The Irvine Company;
              Shea Business Properties; Flour-Daniels; CompuPlus, Inc.; etc.

    Sales: Pharmaceutical and Electronics
         AH Robins; Dolphin Business Systems, Fry's Electronics
    Teaching: (Philosophy/Science/Mathematics)
        Taught: 1) 1st known college accredited calculus
            course in a U.S. public high school; and, 2) an accredited
            spherical trigonometry course, Lakewood High School,
            Lakewood, Ohio, Spring semester 1950
        Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA (OCC)
            Extension Course, Physics/Philosophy, 1991
    Mortgage Banking:
Branch Management and Information Systems Management
             NovaStar Mortgage, Inc., Balboa Peninsula, CA
              Excell Funding Group, Newport Beach, CA
        410+ personal Internet domain names that include forums, many
            concepts, theories, and coined terms, such as: Pulsoid, Elliptical Constant,
                Paradigm-Shift!, Brunardot, etc.
                Brunardot Series
                Brunardot Theorem
                Conceptual Relativity
                Duality of Infinity, The
                Elliptical Constant
                Emergent Ellipsoid, The Mystique of The
                Fundamental, Intrinsic Time
                Nature's Definition of Mathematics
                ONEness Creed
                Oscillation Theory
                Proof of One
                Pulsoid Theorem
                Revised Fibonacci Sequence: 1,0,1,1,2,3,5...
                Ultimate Relativity
                Unified Concept the Forerunner of String Theory
                Etc., etc.


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