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Paul Fitz-Gibbon (Sr.)Line 262
[10-18-05  Beverly, Massachusetts; 11-13-85 Redding, California]
    Buried: Calvary (Greenwood) Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin

    Thomas "Tom" Fitzgibbon (Sr.)
    Ellen "Lena" Scanlan Fitzgibbon
Family with
    Katherine "Kay" Verena Marty Fitz-Gibbon doa 8-26-31, Cleveland, Ohio
        Paul Fitz-Gibbon (Jr.)
        William "Bill" Marty Fitz-Gibbon 8-19-34
        Carol Jean Fitz-Gibbon
        Susan "Sue"/"Susie" Katherine Fitz-Gibbon
        Jane Margaret Fitz-Gibbon
    (Phillips) Exeter Academy, Prep School, Exeter, New Hampshire
    Bowdoin College,
Brunswick, Maine
YU  Psi Upsilon "Psi U"
    Swimming and tennis instructor when young
    Avid, lifetime, all-weather golfer with a low handicap
    Retail Executive, Vice President: Montgomery Wards, Chicago, Illinois
Retail Management, Manager: Montgomery Wards, Monroe, Wisconsin
    Finance Company, Business Schools,
Owner: Metropolitan Credit Corporation
    Millwork Company,
Partner: Eejay Corp.; Owner: Wadsworth Millwork Corp.
Real Estate Commercial Sales: West Covina, California
    Retail Business,
Owner (in retirement): West Covina, California



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