Intelligent Design
Beauty . . . within our mind

Beauty is in the mind.

Those that know, always, seek
        high for simplicity.
Intelligent Design
        implies complexity.

Our mind: evolution's
        greatest complexity.
Furthest from creation;
        it's mine; no one else's!

Unity, the only force;
        found at Infinity.
Speed and phase, the only
        variables needed.

Beauty, Love; intrinsic,
        harmonic interplay.
Our senses resonate
        in the mind.  It's not God!

When one finds Truth, there is
        utmost simplicity;
it's inevitable;
        there's no intelligence.

Beauty!  Imagination!
        They belong to the mind.
Intelligent Design,
        ours to divine.  Not God's!

God is simplicity.

Written expressly as
ev'ryone's yuletide gift.
December 24, 1992

There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.

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