The Universe is that structure within Reality that is composed of matter.

The Universe is finite and ellipsoid in shape; whereas Reality is spherical with a locus that is congruent with Infinity.

The elliptical nature of the Universe is a derivation of the oscillations (swing, vibration, and slide) of its seminal motion.

All phenomena, including Light, that is within Reality has a component that is an elliptical motion; thus, it is not unrealistic to conclude from this, and the sequences of the Brunardot Series, that, in fact, the overall Nature of the Universe is elliptical, oscillating, motion.

The same principles of the Brunardot Series sequences demonstrate that Reality is defined by the locus of special ellipses with their foci at the dualities of Infinity, which accounts for the spherical, quaquaversal, properties of the Universe . . . and the relativistic, linear-like, internal structure of Light.

The matter that defines the limits of the Universe is Pulsoids, which are analogous to that which is referred to as "exotic" dark-matter structures (Edams); or, often as "dark-energy"; a so-called mysterious, usually, anti-gravity, force from the void.

The Universe is a component of Reality.  Light, in its broadest sense, specifically as Coalescents, which are not matter, form Ephemeloids and define the area between the elliptical Universe and spherical Reality.  This portion of the Dyosphere is somewhat comparable to the theoretical quark-gluon plasma.

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