Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP)     


Science, Theology, and Philosophy are the major intellectual disciplines of a knowledgeable person.

In the ancient eras of learning these disciplines were often united; and, usually practiced by the same individual.

The basic purpose of these disciplines is to better understand an often hostile environment in order to live a more enjoyable and productive life; a life which considers both the needs of the individual and the needs of that individual's total society (environment).

Today, and for many centuries, Science, Theology, and Philosophy have not only been divided; but, often they are diametrically opposed in bitter disputes between the current elite, and their followers, of each discipline.  Often, the elite act as if the disciplines were their personal chattel . . . not manifestations of Nature.

Conceptualism demonstrates through the processes of Individualism, Philosophical Logic, Scientific Method, and Observation, (IPSO), referred to as Intelligent Inquiry (II), that all three major intellectual disciplines are currently based upon false premises.

If, as would seem apparent, all three have the same fundamental beginnings; and, all three have the same general purpose concerning: Where have we come from?; Where are we going?; and, How should we behave in between?; then, because of the similarity in purpose, it would appear that there should be no difference in fact, or approach; and thus, all three of these disciplines, Science, Theology, and Philosophy . . . are one.
  Ipso facto.

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