Unified Concept     

The Unified Concept is that which requires a minuscule of faith as defined within Conceptualism.

The Unified Concept is that which manifests between a singularity, Oneness, and Reality.  This manifestation is simply described as motion and its antithesis, which is motionlessness.  Because of the nature of a singularity this motion is prescribed and heuristically defined by the Brunardot Theorem.

An Ephemeloid and a Coalescent are the simultaneous, seminal manifestations that occur from the phenomena of the Unified Concept.

The Unified Concept describes the seminal pulse, a Coalescent, consisting of two juxtaposed, hyper-relativistic, syncopated, oscillating solitons; and, the seminal structure, referred to as an Ephemeloid, which is the resultant structure of three forms of oscillations as generated by six Coalescents as heuristically described by Infinity lines and Natural Brunardot Ellipses.

The direction of the pulsation of the phenomena of the moving phenomena, outward and inward, is conventionally described as a plus- or minus-charge.

[Historical Note: The Unified Concept (the forerunner of "String" Theory) was first expressed to Professor Philip Morrison in his Ithaca, New York office in the spring of 1955 shortly before the death of Albert Einstein.]

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