Some thoughts concerning delusion
. . . and modern academics

Who's crazy?  Wherein does stupidity actually lie?  Stupidity being defined as a voluntary function; a conscious resistance to freeing the mind from impressed delusions of perception; as opposed to ignorance, the lack of knowledge; a lamentable but more easily curable condition of the human psyche.  Stupidity and ignorance are both impediments to enlightenment and wisdom.

Academics, and all others that see and think with impressed minds: they are so quick to pontificate when logic fails and reason blurs . . . knowing not whereof they speak.

These are the same impressers of opinion that accept a mythical, anthropic source of all creation, a singular Big Bang; black holes; energy fields; fractionally-charged quarks; virtual gluons; action-at-a-distance; the particle/wave duality of radiation; warped space-time fabric; neutrino particles without mass; intrinsic inertia: uniform and straight motion . . . without so much as an intellectual flinch.
Yet, elite leaders, knowing all the while, that, at best, all their concepts of manipulation are only theory.  Then, illogical philosophy is supported with
a contrived system of numbers that are extolled as the foundation of proof for such metaphysical theory.  Ludicrous!  The ancients, without modern technology, approached their myths, superstition, and dogma with greater reason.  Enlightenment, as society's goal, has become an afterthought to elite materialism.

No one will embrace; or, is concerned with, "Why? "; only, "How?."  Cosmic bodies are accepted as hanging without a scintilla of observable support ; and, many persons accept an anthropic, “designing” God.  No one seems concerned with knowing where the physical connectivity between the moon and twice-daily tides may lie.  No one wants to imagine beyond the speed of light.  Certainly, such farce is so after many persons are exposed to the theories of modern academia, which is considered as . . . the repository and last resort of “sanity.”

Such sanity!  Often, scientific agnostics speak of gravity and infinity without shame . . . just as religious fundamentalists speak, with personal knowledge, of  the certain divinity of some men and Scripture.  How can this be?  Where is logic?  Does anyone really know sanity anymore?

The torture that such scientists, and these theists, must suffer; living with minds so contorted; numbed to Reality; nonexistent faith; confusion everywhere: science. theology, and philosophy following separate pathways . . . religions, philosophies, and standard models of physics that all neither reconcile internally; nor, with one another.  This is where madness lies; and, with a society created by those that so believe; a society where secular and religious faith trumps all reason.

Thank you . . . No!

I’d rather know a singularity, Oneness, manifesting as a causal duality.  No discordance; only harmony and resonance.  Space, light, and particles . . . all from energy; a singular, ellipsoidal, sinusoidal nature . . . endless complexity, from simplicity, that returns to simplicity; thus, time’s essence . . . true faith.

Much simpler; much more supportive; a faith that can withstand . . . Intelligent Inquiry.

A creed to build upon, true logic, rather than: xenophobic, mystical, self-desecration . . .

Those that know see the asylum keepers, and academics, as impressed, delusional inmates; dangerous victims of self-created, self-perpetuating, myth, superstition, and dogma.

Humankind must rise above the debilitating doubt spread so lavishly by those that depend upon argot, fear, and confusion to salve the ego that has been subconsciously bruised by wondrous bewilderment; such are the ways of those that tyrannize most all minds; and thus, the flesh of everyone.

March 20, 1994


There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.

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