Indeterminism . . . Settled

There are many. Some of the most influential or justifiably emotional, or both, were: Parmenides, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, William of Ockham, Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Laplace, Schelling, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Compte, Mill, Einstein, Schrödinger, Bohr, Carnap, Russell, Gödel; and, with almost the last word, Popper; to a degree, they were, and are, all right; some, with insight and without prejudice, as Einstein, were twice right.

The issue of Indeterminism has consumed enough intellectual capital; as has, the question of whether the physical or the metaphysical is real; as to one, each, or neither. The only remaining value as to these concerns, beyond pedantic casuistry, is to assist with establishing the validity of the Unified Concept and its manifestation as Infinite Dynamics, which directly bears upon the validity of an Equilibrium Theory of Reality as an inclusive, seamless cosmogony.

In general: Reality is indeterminate; the Universe is determinate. And, as goes Indeterminism, so goes the cabal of Idealism / Realism / Rationalism / Positivism / Nominalism / Monism / Dualism / Empiricism / Existentialism / Reductionism / Holism / Locality / Continuity / Causality / their unending schismatic and semantic interpretations, with all their portentous social consequences.

But, specifically, no concept that is truly fundamental can be singular in its limitations; thus, Indeterminism and Determinism can not be as clearly demarcated as a locus between Reality and the Universe; if such clarity should be so considered.

Again, in general: Indeterminism maximizes as evolutionary complexity maximizes; each in the manner of a standard distribution curve.

All Reality is sinusoidal within the elliptical; thus, so it is with the application of Indeterminism. What begins with the Unified Concept becomes increasingly indeterminate with progression toward the apogee of materialistic evolution.

It can be said that free will, as opposed to intuition and instinct, is a corollary of increased Indeterminism. Thus, in this sense, evolved Indeterminism is individually subjective; while the life, dynamics, and death of that free will are predetermined from beyond its existence.

Determinism and Indeterminism are each as inextricably intertwined within the anthropic illusion of Reality's space as is the dualism of Gravity and . . . Cosmic Inertia; and also, the counter-intuitive dualism of a singularity  . . . Infinity's infinite and infinitesimal.

The dualistic, sinusoidal, elliptic nature of the Unified Concept, which is seminal to all the phenomena of Reality, is at the connective crux of the physical and metaphysical; the source of all fundamental manifestations such as Gravity, Light, and the interplay of Determinism and Indeterminism. While the nature; the initiation, motion, and destination; of the Unified Concept is determined; its derivation, distribution, and evolution are the limit of Indeterminism.

It is not necessary to consider the self-serving, illogical miracles of anthropic creeds to determine the existence and effects of the nonquantitative, or nonlocal, nature of metaphysics.

Every scientist and mathematician is aware of the existence of such metaphysically founded phenomena: the omnipresence and duality of gravity/inertia; the enigmatically indeterminate nature of pi; the quixotic speed of light; the unavoidable occurrence of the ultimate nonquantitative duality of the infinite/infinitesimal within the intricate, fundamental equations of science; and, as it is with many more mystifying micro and macro events that are observed and that defy causal comprehension.

January 26, 1994    


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There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
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and the nexus of Life; such is

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