Atheists, Enlightenment, and Intelligent Inquiry

It is not enough that an atheist's faith relies upon logic and reasoning rather than irrational, controlling beliefs and sanctimonious scripture.  Without a definitive foundation, an atheist's beliefs concerning god are little better than the superstitions of others.

An atheist must understand, and be capable of explaining, Reality; as to its creation, destination, and mechanisms; in a manner which is unassailable and which obviates the need for a knowing, designing, or humanoid, god.  Such an understanding must not depend upon the convoluted metaphysics of either religion or science.  Science's Big Bang, black hole, and quantum theories are just as mythical as religious inventions of creation.

As currently practiced, science's foundation is based upon metaphysics to a degree that is very little different than that of all organized religions.  Fundamental, scientific premises are predicated upon concepts of:   1.) Matter;  2.) Forces;  generally, four forces: light, gravity, and the weak and strong atomic forces; and,   3.) Dimensions; such as space-time.  None of these concepts, as fundamental paradigms, can be truly reconciled; either internally or with one another; nor, can the most underlying causes, thereof, be explained . . . rationally.

Physic's Grail is to reconcile all concepts to a single percept.  However, it appears that current, competing, circularly defined, scientific paradigms are similar to religions' gods in the sense that: if only one god/paradigm can be true, than most likely . . . all are false.

Also, without a dependence upon metaphysics, an atheist must understand the general mechanisms of consciousness and life, which mechanisms are based upon a process best described as: complex, analog, self-adjustment (casa).  Casa is akin to the emerging concepts of fuzzy logic.

An atheist's creed must be dependent upon Enlightenment; a state of being which is acquired through a continuing process of introspection and Intelligent Inquiry.

Enlightenment begets a tolerance which will enervate the gods of religion and science as sources of authority and alienation.  Said Enlightenment will strengthen an enduring, true faith.  Such a faith is unknown to the religious "faithful" and scientific elite.  Maximized happiness is dependent upon a strong faith; and, faith cannot be built upon doubt as raised by . . . false gods.

"Creation" is a singular phenomenon; it does not differ in accordance with the various denominational scriptures or unrecognized paradigms that are born from anthropic minds.  "Devine design" . . . just as the mythical Big Bang, black holes, and gravitational attraction as "action-at-a-distance," . . . cannot be!  The human mind and "Creation" are opposed, limiting, evolutionary extremes; gravity's attraction is an illusion created by compression and confluent congruence.

Religious organizations are not destructive to the psyche per se; as social groups, with competing philosophies of tranquility and beneficence, they can be of value; but, only, if they can discard their confining, divisive, competing . . . gods, litany, and scripture.

With the emergence of an increasingly broad and heightened Enlightenment, a philosophy of Intelligent Inquiry, Conceptualism, will erode and blend other currently prevailing philosophies . . . including those as diverse as agnosticism, religious fundamentalism, and the scientific elitism of contrived, eclectic paradigms.

Conceptualism, which embodies an Equilibrium Theory of Reality, reconciles and rationalizes the Reality of existence.

November 26, 1996    


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There is one Universe.

It is perpetual, in equilibrium;

and, a manifestation of the
Unified Concept; thus;

. . . the Fundamental Postulate.


are a single discipline, Philogic,
which proclaims perpetuity

and the nexus of Life; such is

. . . Conceptualism.


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