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---Significant miscellanea

Academiac,  Amerigance,  Brunardot EllipseBrunardot Theorem,  Casa,  Conceptual Ellipse,  Conceptual Relativity, Conceptual Unit,  Confluent Congruence,  Congeneric Realms,  Cosmic Inertia,  Critical Coalescence,  Duality of InfinityDyosphere,  Edams,  E-loid,  Ephemeloid,  epsilon, e, equals One,  Equilibrium Theory of Reality,  Fluence,  Hylotron,  HyperReakity,  Infinite Dynamics,  Infinity Line,  Infinity String,  Ipso,  Motionlessness,  Natural functionOscillescentOscilloidPar numbersPhorb,  Pulser,  Pulsoid,  Pulsoid Theory,  Pulsoidal Ellipse,  PulsoidingQuaquametric,  RH compression,  Seminal motion,  Soloid,  TaisoidTaisoidance, Tinicir,  Tini circle group,  Tini Cirt,  Triquametric,  Ultron,  Ultraescents, Unified Concept,  Unimetry,  UnReality,  etc.


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