Constructing the square root and the
value of One for any 2-dimensional vector.

The Conceptual Unit,
for any system,
is a constant with a value of One.
Ellipses underlie all phenomena.

Construct lines B-D and C-F parallel to the coordinate axes of vector B-F.
Construct line F-D equal to line B-F.
Construct ellipse E-F-A-G-H with focal length B-D and point F as a locus point within the ellipse.
Construct line D-A at a focus parallel to axis F-H.
Construct line B-A.
Line B-I equals line B-A.
The value of line D-I is the Conceptual Unit, One.
The value of the perigee, line E-B, is the square root of vector B-F.

There are several significant corollaries that apply to complex vectors, tensors, twistors, spinors, and String Theory.