Pulsoid Theory

. . . a Paradigm Shift!

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Table of Contents

I.  What's wrong with
         Current Standard Model Theory
     The Standard Models (SM) are irreconcilable
     Standard Model theories are dependent upon the Big Bang (BB)
     Orthogonal Dimensions are ill-defined
     Time is undefined
     Much theory is dependent upon unproven mathematics
     Force is defined several different ways
     All forces are metaphysically defined

II. Pulsoid Theory is a rational, alternative theory
         of Reality that is a theory of everything (TOE)
     The initial conditions of the Cosmos and life
     The Pulsoid
         The Unified Concept (UC)
         The Duality of Infinity
         Dynamic, Emergent Separation (DES)
         The Heuristic Geometry of the Pulsoid
         The Brunardot Theorem (BT)
         The Salient Structural Parts of an Emergent Ellipse
         Types of Emergent Ellipses
           The Pulsoid Theorem
           The Elliptical Constant (EC)
               Finding the EC for any ellipse
               The significance of the EC
Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (GIT)
                        The Proof of One
                    The Conceptual Unit (CU)
                    Pulses that create fermions and bosons
                    Fundamental, intrinsic time (FIT)
     Interactive Dialogue concerning Pulsoid Theory


 The Components of Reality
     The Universe
          Dimensions and Laws

     Within the Pulsoid
      Outside the Pulsoid
      Life (casa)
IV. Infinity

      Science, Theology, and Philosophy are One
      Proof of God
      Atheist, Enlightenment, and Intelligent Inquiry
      Indeterminism . . . Settled
VI. Challenge to Academia
 Comments and Replies concerning
         Pulsoid Theory on the Internet

     In the vein of Conceptualism
      Brunardot's Quotations
IX. Glossary
X. Index