Jeff your e-mail should be working.

  To access the account enter: or click here.  The "http://" is not necessary; DO NOT type "www."

Then enter: Name: "Jeff" and "Password58", the "P" must be capitalized.  New password should now be in effect.  If you still must use "Password58" let me know because it won't change if it hasn't already.

I can also set an auto-responder for any set time so that people will get an immediate message during the set time that you are not available.  Such as on long trips, etc.

To send a new e-mail from the web-mail site: "click" compose.

When all is working send me an e-mail @HiPriority or by clicking this address when your webmail is open.  The click may not work, depending on how the computer you are at is setup.

Then I'll replace this page with anything you want.  Maybe a photo ;) ???

Also, the password should be changed.

Your e-mail is good-to-go for a year for the $7 you spent.  If you want a complete website for www.Shotput58 that will cost you $15 a year to post more than your hard drive will hold.

If for any reason your e-mail account is not large enough, which it should be, for no more than $15.00 a year you can get it about 20 times larger.