Los Angeles Math Circle

Los Angeles Math Circle History

Los Angeles Math Circle is a top-tier math circle, which is a member of the National Association of Math Circles , an organization formed in 2008 to help coordinate the efforts of existing math circles throughout the country.

Circle News

In Spring 2008 our team of 3 top scorers on AMC12A has placed 4th in California, with a combined score of 405 (out of 450). The complete Honor Roll is available here. Congratulations! Click on the pictures for larger photos from our awards ceremony in April 2008.


Beginning in the fall of 2007, LAMC is directed by Olga Radko and is operating as a new initiative of the department of Mathematics. The circle is a project within the newly founded Curtis Center for Mathematics and Teaching , named after the UCLA Math Professor Emeritus Phil Curtis to honor his continued leadership and involvement in the area of K-12 mathematics. The center is now directed by Heather Calahan, who has also played a major role in starting the circle.


We are very greatful to Prof. Zvezdelina Stankova of Mills College and UC Berkeley, the director of the Bay Area Math Circle (BAMO) , a very successful math circle functioning since 1997. Zvezda has generously shared with us her experience and offered valuable advice.

Many thanks to Dimitri Shlyakhtenko for designing and programming the circle's web page and for creating the circle's brochure.


In 2005-2007 Los Angeles Math Circle was first organized by Ely Dahan, a professor at UCLA's Anderson's school of management and his four children. The main instructor was William "Fitz" Fitz-Gibbon. The main focus of the circle (which met monthly) was on preparation for the American Math Competition.

The circle had over 50 members, including about 20 regular participants. Among the achievements of the circle participants is their notable performance on the AMC-10 and AMC-12 exams. The LAMC team was one of the 28 Honor Roll teams in the USA (out of over 100,000 students on over 3,000 teams!). In 2006 Jeff Manning, a member of LAMC, has qualified to take USAMO and was invited to attend the Math Olympiad Summer Camp. In 2007, Jeff Manning and Djorjo Milovic have qualified for USAMO. Jeff Manning was invited to attend the Math Olympiad Summer Camp.