Unusual Odyssey
     of the
  Elliptical  Constant
The Legend

Legend of the Lemma Ellipse

Line AB = DK = hypotenuse = h
Line AD = BJ = radius = r
Line AJ = diagonal = D
Line BC = CD = soliton = s
Line BD = wave = w
Line BG = ED = apogee = o
Line CA = CJ = diagonal radial = d
Line CF = CH = amplitude = a
Line CG = EC major radial = m
Line DG = EB = perigee = p
Line DH = vector = v
Line EF = diameter chord = c
Line EG = major diameter = M
Line FH = minor diameter = A
Line HK = lemma = l \
Line oP = Hypotenuse radius = Hr = Natural integer
Line oV = Vector radius = Vr = Natural integer
Line oR = Diagonal diameter = Dd = Natural integer
Line oT = Chord diameter = Cd = Natural integer
Line oL = Lemma diameter = Ld = Natural integer
Triangle ABD = Hypotenuse triangle
                          = Brunardot triangle
Triangle CDH = Vector triangle
                          = Pythagorean triangle
Triangle BCJ = Diagonal triangle
                         = Pythagorean triangle
Triangle CEF = Chord triangle
                         = Pythagorean triangle
Triangle DHK = Lemma triangle
                          = Pythagorean triangle
Inscribed circle ABD = Hypotenuse circle
Inscribed circle CDH = Vector circle
Inscribed circle CEF = Chord circle
Inscribed circle DHK = Lemma circle

p,  s,  v,  o = 1st four terms of a Brunardot Series

All lines shown in the above image are integers derived from simple algebraic relationships for an unending sequence of Lemma Ellipses that are generated from two unending sequences of Natural Integers.

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The Elliptical Constant (EC) is the
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