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  Elliptical  Constant
What is it?
The Elliptical Constant is a constant that applies to all ellipses as pi, "p," applies to all circles.

Regardless of the elliptical shape, rounded or elongated, all parts of any ellipse, when expressed as a ratio of the Elliptical Constant, have the same algebraic relationship to one another.

Said algebraic relationships are very simple for all salient parts of any ellipse.

To understand the Elliptical Constant, the only mathematical requirements are an understanding of the most fundamental concepts of geometry and algebra.

The Elliptical Constant has never been mentioned in any known literature, mathematical or otherwise, prior to the term being "coined" and being referred to as the Rosetta Stone for understanding the Universal physical environment as rationalized/symbolized by Pulsoid Theory.


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The Elliptical Constant (EC) is the
Primary, Universal, True Constant that
establishes the value of . . ."ONE!"

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