Top 10 Reasons
to Re-Appoint George W. Bush:
Brought to you by Billionaires for Bush


10.) Because you don't change horsemen mid-Apocalypse.
  9.) Because the deficit is not growing fast enough.
  8.) Because corporations are people too.
  7.) Because the other guy is distracted by healthcare,
               education, and real homeland security.
  6.) Because 1.7 million jobs lost is just a start.
  5.) Because never has one man done so much,
               for so few, at the expense of so many.
  4.) Because there's a lot more of our oil still trapped
               under their soil.
  3.) Because second-rate people don't deserve
               a first-rate education.
  2.) Because global warming means better tans.
  1.) Because Fox News told me to. 

Courtesy of: Sorel Fitz-Gibbon-Paige