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A clarion call from deep within Conservative Orange County, CA.
"I want my flag back !"
It belongs to everyone; otherwise, it is meaningless.
"If you tell a lie enough times, it becomes accepted as truth, and, the bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be accepted."
        -Joseph Goebbels
              Nazi Propaganda Minister

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  Are you registered to vote in the next general election?
It's never too early . . . or late.
Make time to register and then vote . . . go for it.
Your vote can make a difference . . . if only to your psyche.
Your vote licenses you to comment, complain . . . even brag.
Call or visit your local voters' registration office; or,
Go to for your local
           voting and registration information.
Make sure  your voice is heard.
Every vote counts . . . usually !!
     Religion, which is multi-cultural, often irreconcilable, and usually demanding of fealty from somewhere "on high," can never trump democracy and freedom, which are universal drives of humanity.
     Let no religion, other than your own, dictate your freedom;
and then, only when you can ascertain the true origin of authority.

              October 17, 2004

Until god,
    the force of creation,
    the principles of Reality,
is firmly understood
    by educated persons,
    anthropic life will
continue to wallow
    in the lethal miasma
    of superstition.
ovember 6, 2004

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courtesy: Chris Brown & Kate Fenner

If the intolírance bred of
    religious superstition,
    steers, for long, the ship of state,

moral values are then lost
    that have made America
a great nation and the hope
    of all those persecuted.

                                      November 14, 2004




God save me
from your followers !!

                      -Larry Parker
                                   March 20, 2005



"Looking Right, from the"


Intolerance is the root
     from which anthropomorphic
     evil flowers and reseeds.

Religious intolerance,
     an insidious species,
     threatens moral character.

Education, well-being,
     a rich, clean environment,
     brings religious freedom's bloom !

Today will be remembered.
     In my country; religious
     tolerance, freedom wilted.

              November 2, 2004

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