From: For Your Information []
Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 9:07 PM
To: 'blike @ Science Forums and Debate'
Subject: RE: - You have been warned
Please advise as to why said action of a permanent ban was taken.
There appears nothing that I have posted is:
"(Warning Type = 'Inconsistent With Our Purpose')"
Especially, since after my last post Mokele advised I was receiving
the minimum penalty that would be removed in short order.
My total warning points were below 50% of the requirement for
a short temporary ban.
The post that is referred to in this e-mail, garnered a questionable
minimum warning of 2 points per Mokele.
I have posted nothing since.  I don't even believe, technically, that
the minimum warning was correct.
My posts have been the most active for the past week on your site.
I am being deluged by personal e-mails asking for an explanation
as to what posting error I committed.

You will note that since I first joined your site that I have continually
been harassed and mistreated by some of your youngest members.
I can find nothing that is not literally factual in my posts.
You can review my last posts at:
Thank you for any consideration.
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From: blike @ Science Forums and Debate []
Sent: Sunday, September 18, 2005 5:04 PM
Subject: - You have been warned
Dear Proof of One,
You have been warned for one of your posts, which violated
Science Forums and Debate Rules. The reason you have been
warned is because :
For posts inconsistent with the purpose of this site.
It will automatically ban the user, so use with discretion.
(Warning Type = 'Inconsistent With Our Purpose') 
For this violation, you have been given 25 point(s).
The point(s) will remain in your account for 99999 days.
After that, they will be removed automatically.
The post for which you are warned can be seen here:
The admin/moderator who warned you, entered this comment: 
Your total Warning Level at the moment is: 37 point(s).
If you reach the maximum of 25, you will be banned from the
Forums, for 7 days.
To see details about all the warnings you have received, until now, please click here:
Please reply back if you have a dispute.
Science Forums and Debate Team
Please note that your Private Messaging system in our Forums
has been deactivated, due to your Warning Level.