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 per above Bulletin Message.


Please thank Mokele for closing the Pulsoid Theory Thread.

It’s too bad that you let your Junior members become such pests for so long; as, this Thread was rocketing to the top with your viewers; in a few days it had outperformed all other topics and Threads on your site.

You also might point out to Mokele that “warning points” were issued to me in error.


I never was part of: Creating multiple posts on the same subject.
(Warning Type = Multiple Posting)


If you carefully revue the posts in question you will see that each one was a reply to a separate post.  And, literally each of my posts was accurate.  How you can tolerate such activity from your young members as I, a guest to your forum, received is inexplicable.

Your performance, of what appears as shame, will, undoubtedly, remain on the internet for years.

The real losers are the 100s of viewers that were actually watching this Thread and “Travelling faster than light…”; its predecessor, which my participation, also, propelled to the top of your “hot” Threads.

I would think that your first concern should be the viewers; as I find it is at many other forums.  However, on the bright side, you are much better than Physics Forum.