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Have an internet presence, in moments, that can be easily accessed by anyone, from any place, in the world where there is Internet access to the World Wide Web.

Remember one word; your CQSlash Word; then,
Remember your World Wide Web prefix,
CQSlash Word Site:

or, for short:

Put them together; thus:

or, for short:

Any content that you can E-mail, FAX, or snail mail can be quickly posted at a cost that's as low as $5.00 per year.

Any of the most popular Internet extensions can be specified: 
.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and .ws.

If you have a web site,
YourCQSlashWord can be an easily remembered instant forward to any website (YourCQSlashWord, Page Content, and Target Site are only limited by some general content regulations as required by our server).

Reserve a personalized YourCQSlashWord NOW . . . at a minimum cost of $5 per year, before the word you want is gone; or this low introductory promotional cost ends.  (For a very limited time you will get 7 of the most popular extensions for the cost of any Three!   .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and .ws)  How 'bout your  First Name; or maybe, order a CQSlash Word for someone else with their name.

For an additional $5 per year you can order an E-mail account that will be:

YourCQSlashWord@CQSlash/(Your "dot"
       YourCQSlashWord@2-CQ(Your "dot"

Your CQ E-mail account can be forwarded to any other existing E-mail account you select; and/or, your CQ E-mail account will be available anywhere that you can access the World Wide Web (Internet). 

For many more ideas as to how to use your personalized
CQSlash Word Site; go to the cq/Word: Ideas, or click below:




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The above symbol and CQ word indicates that your business can be located on the World Wide Web at:

    Company     or,

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