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Fritz "Fred" Ehrensperger
[??-??-06, Zurich, Switzerland; 4-22-98, Sunnyvale, California]
    Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin

6, 8
    ??? Ehrensperger
Family with
    Lena Marty Ehrensperger doa June 1937
        Margaret Ehrensperger 1942
        Mary Ehrensperger
    Electric Company: Owner
"...born near Zurich, Switzerland in 1906.  ...His father died before he was born, and when he was just thirteen, his mother died...  His older brother and sister arranged for him to live with some relatives in Dachsen...on the Rheinfalls, the biggest waterfall in Europe.  ...Eventually, he...was supposed to go to Pittsburgh where Westinghouse had hired a lot of Swiss engineers, but he met a man who persuaded him to go to Chicago instead.  ...In 1932 he ended up in Madison... (and) married...in 1937 in Monroe, Wisconsin.

...(he) took to retirement like a duck to water...

He and...(his wife) enjoyed traveling in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.  Everywhere they went, they made new friends.  They continued square dancing and added ballroom dancing as well.  ...

For more, See: Fritz "Fred" Ehrensperger's History

6, 8



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