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Comments from Friends and Students
William "Bill" "Fitz" Marty Fitz-Gibbon
[8-19-1934 Cleveland, Ohio; 7-30-2012 Los Angeles, California


To the family of Mr. Fitz-Gibbon:

I wanted to offer my sincere condolences to all of you on the occasion of Mr. Fitz-Gibbon's passing.

I was a student of his in the third IHP class in the early 70's and one of Keir's classmates.

The tributes to Fitz have rightly praised the amazing work he did championing students highly gifted in math and science. But I want to acknowledge his kindness, patience, and belief in those of us in IHP for whom an encounter with a quadratic equation or tautology was an occasion for sweaty palms.

I remember Mr. Fitz-Gibbon spending as much time teaching (and re-teaching!) math concepts to the future artists, journalists, and novelists as he did to the future tech wizards and physicists. He was the first teacher I had who truly exemplified living "the life of the mind"--the joyful experience of curiosity and learning for its own sake.

I wish all of you peace and comfort during this sad time, and I offer special condolences to my former classmate, Keir.

              Kelly Goode 
   (Tuesday, August 21, 2012)



Janie -- My heart and prayers go out to you and your family on Bill's passing.

I was so impressed and moved by the postings you shared. As one who struggled with math, I can imagine how important a mentor such as he must have been. What a remarkable man!

Because he was already away at college when you and I became friends, I never knew him well. My primary memory of him is as a sleepy-eyed, rumple-haired, bathrobes door opener, who answered my child's knock (it must have been persistent!!) one summer morning; much too early for you late-sleeping Fitz-Gibbon kids!

He let me in to sit in the big chair and read comic books and movie mags, one of my MOST FAVORITE pastimes, until you came downstairs.

I think it was after that event, I was told that I didnít have to knock but could just come in and read to my heart's content.

I share your mourning for the one you loved, who touched so many. Please send my condolences to Paul, Carol, Susie, and Bill's family.

Love you, Janie, Cindy    
(Monday, August 2, 2012)


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