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Patrick Fitzgibbons         
[ca 1830 Ireland; 1877 Folly Cove, Massachusetts]

E-mail: March 27, 2009
Gloucester Archives  (archives@ci.gloucester.ma.us)

I have found out a lot about your family, but unfortunately do not  have the time right now to type it all up.

There is the death certificate:  Patrick Fitzgibbons, stone cutter, b. Ireland, died September 24, 1877, by suicide -- cutting carotid artery;   Dr. J.F.Dyer, MD [He was a Civil War doctor, also mayor of Gloucester].

He died at Folly Cove  - address was 976 Washington St. - now the house at 1236 Washington Street. 
I will send more genealogical info on Monday.
Sarah Dunlap
Gloucester Archives

E-mail August 2005 from Jane McKenna
           probably forwarded from Rob Fitzgibbon:
Patrick Fitzgibbon (1827-1877)
Patrick worked at the granite quarries as a foreman. He killed 
himself in 1877 for unknown reasons (although the obituary mentions 
he had a brief illness)

Tom and I just visited the old Fitzgibbon family homestead in Rockport.

Patrick was married (I believe in Nov 1851 in Salem, MA) to Catherine 
Flynn Fitzgibbon (1829-1902)



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