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Katherine "Kay" Verena Marty Fitz-Gibbon
[11-30-03  Brodhead, Wisconsin; 2-16-95 Redding, California]
    Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Monroe, Wisconsin

...Women to Compete...

reprinted from
Unknown Newspaper (Probably, University of Illinois Campus Paper, circa 1923)

An apparatus meet, something new in women's athletics here, was held last night in the upper gymnasium as a farewell class in apparatus for the semester.  ...

Travelling rings, high jump, somersaults, swing on ropes, face vaults and oblique vaults were the events the contestants entered.  Mary Hart '23 won first in travelling rings, Katherine Marty '25 in high jump, ...

It was suggested that the apparatus meet should become a permanent affair, that all University women may enter and that W. A. A. points should be given to the winners.

Note from Jane McKenna commenting about a photo of her mother as a young girl in Lincoln Park:

The Kay is Mom.  When they lived on Wisconsin street she went to Lincoln Park daily.  She wrote on the back of the picture, "We lived at 334 Wisconsin Street just two blocks from Lincoln Park.  Went skating at pond in winter and swimming at Fullerton Beach - walked there through the park.  Memorial Day, boats in the Lagoon were all decorated.  Also viewed Academy of Science - read all the books in the children's library before we moved to Junior Terrace"

Note from Jane McKenna:

Yes, I knew Mom never lived in Monroe.  After College, she lived with Edna and Emil in (the family home on) Junior Terrace (that was sold to the Leiser's when her parents moved to a new home they built in Monroe, Wisconsin, while she was at the University of Illinois).

Note from Jane McKenna regarding her mother's horseback riding and travels:

Only horse story I heard from Mom was on Alice(?).  The horse headed straight for the barn for dinner.  Mom had no control.  She had to duck under the barn door.  It might have been in Oklahoma.  Did you know that she graduated mid-year from High School and went to Oklahoma with Grandpa?; (I) have no idea why.



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