The Purpose
 of this informative, interactive website is the discussion of ONEness, or the unification, of Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP), such that most anyone can understand the salient principles as they pertain to: 1.) A better life (happiness) for all persons; and, 2.) Why there is a necessity for the general support of the entire biosphere.

Currently the jargon of modern, academic, STP obfuscates truth and fundamental logic; and thus, there is great difficulty with interdisciplinary communication and co-operation.

ONEness Creed seeks the support of all ecumenical organizations and reformative religious individuals and groups which can facilitate and promote Philogic with Home of One meetings and dialogue to promote a Universal, evolving
Creed of truth for everyone. And, thus, to move the thoughts and wisdom of many earlier prophets, into 21st century knowledge and wisdom with an emphasis upon: rational reasoning; sovereign, state secularism; the minimalizing of controlling, rote rhetoric; the recognition of contemporary STP; the maximizing of avoidance of propaganda/brainwashing techniques; and, minimizing xenophobia and proselytizing.

Even many secularized Muslims and most laypersons of most all religions promote an ecumenical discipline of Philogic, which embraces 21st Century wisdom in the vein of the philosophic
Creed of Universal Oneness.

Philogic is the overarching discipline of Philosophic Logic which unites the disciplines of Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP) . . . thus, ONEness.

Philogic is concerned with the development of a concept, the
Unified Concept (UC), that is easily understandable by most persons.  The UC is a 21st Century understanding of that which is the First Postulate of Reality (FPR) . . . i.e. that which creates all that exists.

Philogic is the overarching discipline based upon tolerance, sustainability, Oneness . . . and, most importantly, the principles of IPSO.

The F
PR involves defining the locus of Reality, the duality of Infinity, the Natural source of numbers, a rational explanation of the entanglement and other enigmas of Theoretical Physics, and importantly, a disproof of the Gödel Incompleteness Theorem (GIT).

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