"ONE" or ONEness is a philosophical concept at the crux of most every major religion; however, few of today's religious followers, and many of today's religious leaders, have little understanding of the nature of that which unites most all their faith.

Where is there a religion practiced in the modern era that puts the "Golden Rule" and tolerance above all scripture and faith based Gods and prophets . . . ?



Concerning Science, Theology, and Philosophy (STP), Albert Einstein was certainly the pre-eminent genius during the first half of the 20th Century; his insightful genius
—as revealed above—has led mankind's wisdom into the 21st Century.

However, since the spring of 1955 (Einstein's unexpected death), the Unified Concept (UC) has provided logical insight into most all fundamental enigmas from the 1950s to date. These enigmas clearly demonstrate the current incompleteness of the academic disciplines of Science, Theology, and Philosophy
.  All of which are axiomatic without a fundamental premise—which, if the premise is fundamental, the premise must be the same fundamental premise for all three academic disciplines.

This fundamental premise is referred to as the Fundamental Postulate of Reality (FPR).

The FPR must be at once the simplest and most complex manifestation.  


Einstein's above statement concerning the Universe being described as the whole is the crux of academia's misunderstanding the unity of STP.  And, also, an excellent starting point for understanding mankind's total environment.

The various forms of oscillations of the UC subsequently became Oscillation Theory (OT) and are described with the symbolic, algebraic-geometry of Pulsoid Theory.  Others, used the oscillations of the UC in a futile attempt to unify the metaphysical forces of the Standard Model (SM).  The oscillations were referred to as "strings"; thus, academia's String Theory (ST).


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