Tau (T )     


Tau (T ) is inseparable from Alpha (A).

Tau (T ) and Alpha (A) are arbitrary labels given to the most fundamental force phenomena of Reality.  Tau is considered as the primary force; Alpha is considered the seminal force.

Simultaneously with, and generated by, the Alpha phenomenon, which is analogous to motion, is: the Tau, phenomenon, which is analogous to a combination of phenomena referred to as "speed," "spin," "space," and "time."

Alpha is a quantity; whereas Tau adds "dimensions," which create a quaquaversal effect.  -i.e. Tau radiates, at right angles, from a point, equally in all directions; or, it radiates in like manner, toward a point.

Interestingly, Tau avoids the conventional problem of defining what a dimension is. Conventionally, dimensions are defined, circularly, in terms of each other.  Tau clearly establishes the "conventional dimensions" as different aspects of a single force.

Referring to General Relativity's label "space-time," it could be inferred that Tau  is "speed-spin-space-time."

In two dimensions Tau is analogous to the x-axis (the Infinity Line); whereas, Alpha is analogous to the y-axis (the Nexus of Reality ).

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