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To preserve an individual’s
      spiritual faith,
      within the USA,
faith in a secular Constitution
      must trump that of
      all organized religions.

Anything less
      is quintessential arrogance.

A clarion call from deep within Conservative Orange County, CA:
"Return this flag !!!
It belongs to everyone.
Otherwise . . .
It is meaningless."

--Brunardot, July 4, 2004                            

The current George W. Bush administration has elevated Amerigance (American arrogance) to a new level.

Amerigance is often confusingly defined by those that perpetrate it, and their seldom aware followers, as a form of patriotism .

In fact, super or ultra patriotism; often described as "in-your-face" flag waving, and other excessive symbolism; "knee-jerk" support, such as, "mindless" pledging and cheering.

Amerigance is now driving the national policies of the United States of America and this has resulted in much worldwide condemnation and, often, visceral hatred for much that our flag has now come to symbolize.

Many persons now view the American flag as a symbol of neo-conservatism, religious fundamentalism, and cultural intolerance.  Such are the fruits from the sins of Amerigance.

These unsustainable, saliently evil, policies can be mitigated , . . but, not until the devastating effects of Amerigance is better understood by those that unwittingly practice it.

The prisoner-of-war, "enemy combatant," abuse scandal is symptomatic of something more damaging than the worldwide credibility and moral high ground of the United States of America.   The scandal is an acute manifestation of a chronic condition that is metastasizing to the detriment of all known life; such is Amerigance and its consequences.

The Republican party has threatened the principles of the
Constitution of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights by giving us leaders that have supported McCarthyism, Watergate, and now . . . acute Amerigance.  However, the root causes and fault of Amerigance lie beyond those persons that have capitalized upon its exploitation.

All three of the American tragedies of McCarthyism, Watergate, and Amerigance have exacerbated national wars that have been physically cruel, while being financially costly for those, at the time, that are . . . yet to be born.

All three tragedies are firmly rooted in xenophobic arrogance of a few American leaders; and, most saliently, many “overly-patriotic,” unthinking, followers that are all too easily manipulated to agendas of those that have overtly encouraged and covertly sown Amerigance for the benefit of a select class.

Xenophobia, a strong component of Amerigance, is a particular affectation of many Americans, where it is noticeable as a belief that one is better than other persons because of the "accident" of where one is born without much awareness that all persons are born of an equal bond of "geographical" status as "Earthlings."

It was misplaced patriotism that was a major component of the axis' powers that made possible, and created, the greatest threat to modern-world peace that man has known . . . World War II.

Even the usurpation of the word “American” to refer to the United States and it’s flag is arrogance beyond compare for its implication that America is a unique reference to the United States, while ignoring most of two entire continents . . . continents that contain many countries and many more cultures and their proud citizens, that have become unknowing, silent victims to Amerigance along with, increasingly, most of the civilized world.

Amerigance is descriptive of our current national policies that show little concern for the nation's and world's environment, which cannot be so unilaterally managed.  It can be argued that Amerigance is diametrically opposed to ecological and economic sustainability.

Amerigance is the, often exhilarating,  promotion of a highly consumptive lifestyle, particularly concerning unsustainable energy, to all who will participate; this promotion is without concern for the welfare of the planet Earth that supports all known life.  This energy dependent lifestyle, and its profitability, seems to be the driving force of the current United States administration and many of its less educated followers.  Such promotion is often marketed as "patriotic."

Amerigance is the imposition of forms of freedoms and self-government imposed upon others by those that imperfectly practice it; and that don't seem to understand it's cost, difficulties of implementation, and unsustainable limitations.

Amerigance fosters worldwide classes of peoples that are divided into the "haves" and" have-nots" who are unable to coexist without accelerating the inflammation of terrorism.

The current Middle East violence cannot be, alone, subscribed to the fundamentalism of three major religions that worship the same god and kill one another in the name of that same god.  Faith, in this case, is merely the vehicle of the "have-nots"; it is driven by the "haves."

Never before in history have all the peoples of the world been so close in their daily affairs.  If these affairs are to be conducted in an orderly, sane, and humane manner . . . Amerigance must be ameliorated.

A beginning towards mutual respect and tolerance, which are prerequisites for peace for all persons, would be a universal recognition, and definition, of the problems that are exacerbated by Amerigance, and other similar worldly afflictions, that have been festering for far too long.  All difficult situations are most easily resolved when they are recognized . . . and handled within an environment of compromise and goodwill.

Amerigance is subtle, and least recognized, by those that perpetrate and perpetuate its perniciousness.

- Brunardot  
May 7, 2004  
  Heroism on command,
senseless violence, and all the
loathsome nonsense that goes
by the name of patriotism
- how passionately I hate them!
           -Stephen Decatur

Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.
              -William Shakespeare

Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.
              -George Washington

All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.
           -Alexis de Tocqueville


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