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Pulsoids are the strings, fabric, and building blocks of the Universe.

Pulsoids is a generic term for Ephemeloids, Oscilloids, Ultrons, and atoms.

A Pulsoid consists of seminal motion, which is the simplest motion; yet, this motion oscillates, in a complex manner, between the infinitesimal and the infinite.

Pulsoids underlie the anthropic perceptions of Light, relativity, and matter.

The hierarchic compression of Pulsoids creates atoms, Light, and is one of the phenomena which contributes to the illusion of attraction-at-a-distance . . . Gravity.

The complex manner of a Pulsoid's internal oscillation includes simultaneous, relative, non-linear, sinusoidal oscillation: vibration, swing, and slide . . . all generated by the most simple occurrence of motion.  This simple "internal" motion generates an ellipsoid (American football-like) "external" shape, which fluctuates between the two extremes of Infinity, while, also, fluctuating between the extremes of a non-dimensional point, a two-dimensional string, and a three-dimensional globe.

Pulsoids begin, end, and perpetually exist in a congeneric state that is, at many levels, closely associated with Infinity.

The seminal motion between the dualities of Infinity must manifest in the simplest manner possible that is consistent with the non-additive and indivisible properties of Infinity.  Thus; said motion is an oscillation between the speeds of motionlessness and Infinity.  These oscillations; as slide, swing, and vibration; are simultaneous, non-linear, and relativistic; they, also,  describe a relativistic unit, "one;" and, the manner of its unit multiplication, which is that of Natural prime numbers, a Fibonacci-like series, and squares.  The resultant phenomenon is a Pulsoid. 

Thus, Natural integers, Natural Prime numbers, and the Fibonacci Series, as reflected by the Brunardot Theorem and Conceptual ellipses, heuristically describe the two-dimensional, elliptic structure, which revolves to form an heuristic Pulsoid. 

The proof of Pulsoids requires understanding the concept of Infinity, as defined by Conceptualism, a small amount of geometry pertaining to ellipses, and a bit of "faith" that motion actually exists . . . and that it can stop.

Being relative, Pulsoids are, at once, the largest and smallest construction within Reality, depending upon the speed and direction of the observer.

Pulsoids provide an explanation for the enigmas of quantum entanglement and answer John Archibald Wheeler's question: "Why the Quantum?"  The geometry of Pulsoids is that of the internal structure of Light; and more than likely, Pulsoids, at their extreme, are analogous to the "strings" of String Theory.

The speed of the three simultaneous forms of Pulsoid oscillation is between the dualities of Infinity from which the seminal motion originates.

Pulsoids are analogous to "exotic" dark-matter structures (Edams).

Pulsoids predict the "Pioneer anomoly"; which is, therefore, an observable proof of Pulsoids.

Thank you for your interest.  Understanding Pulsoids is important and can be difficult to grasp; should you have any further questions regarding the concept of Pulsoids, please E-mail for assistance.

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